Preserve Your Land

Many of Northeast Florida’s fertile farms, ranches, working forests, historic resources and precious natural areas are in the hands of private landowners. Many landowners take great pride in their stewardship of the land and its legacy. North Florida Land Trust is passionate about maintaining that legacy. We work with landowners to ensure your hard work is maintained for the benefit of future generations.

We can help you preserve your land in perpetuity through the creation of a public park or preserve area, or through the donation of a conservation easement which will allow you to continue to own and enjoy your property while ensuring it will be free from development.

North Florida Land Trust can work with you in a number of ways to preserve your special place.

If you are interested in preserving your land, please contact our Land Protection Director, Marc Hudson, at or call (904) 479-1967.
Preserve Your Land - North Florida Land TrustIf you have an interest in finding out more about any of our preserved properties, please contact us at